Onsite Corporate Catering

Onsite Corporate Catering

Sai Shraddha food services is one of the specialist catering and food order processing services for wide variety of corporate events. Having been specialised in world-class culinary traditions, hospitality services and operations.


we bring our clients most memorable, customised catering and food experience in all kinds of events ranging from meetings, conferences and meetups. Our authentic food and highly professional quality services will ensure creating a good impression of your brand in all events. 


Over the years, our catering and food services for special events and corporate meetups helped hundreds of businesses secure standout reputation among the participants arriving from all over the country and the globe. Starting our journey from 2014, as of now we have catered foods for more than hundred of events with national and global significance. 



We have an extensive range of corporate catering services for our clients that include the following

  • Daily Catering

    Our daily catering services look after food services at meeting breaks, lunch breaks at workplaces and staff breakfasts. For regular workplace catering we ensure providing high quality food with a variety of menu options and an affordable rate.

  • Special Event Catering

    We provide excellent quality foods for all special events and occasions with a promise to create a memorable experience with outstanding delicacies across cuisine traditions and most professional grade services to make guest happy.

  • Executive Dining

    We are one of the sought after catering services with a niche reputation for preparing and delivering widespread multi cuisine menu choices and extraordinary food quality. When it comes to offering foods for executive dining we ensure optimum quality and delivering up to the varied preferences of attendees.