Cafeteria Services

Cafeteria Services

Sai Shraddha food services is one of the leading name in the corporate catering services located in Mumbai. Having track record of providing best quality means with outstanding quality and delight for the taste buds it has already created a niche reputation for itself.


Having been in the service since 2014 the company continued to grow with increasing number of corporate clients subscribing for food service from us. We prepare and serve restaurant grade food for our corporate clients and serve them hot in their cafeterias and canteens at the lunch hour. Our food quality and timely and as well as professional service made us one of the preferred catering services of the city. We are proud to boast of some of the most seasoned catering managers and experienced multi-cuisine chefs to manage our catering service and prepare foods maintaining highest quality.


There are many aspects that help the Sai Shraddha food services stand out competitively from the rest. One of the most important aspect is the hygienic quality of our foods with handpicked ingredients and trusted food processing techniques. Offering tasty meals with fresh ingredients is the strongest aspect of our food processing unit. We offer a choice of conventional and unconventional menus boasting of different cuisine traditions to meet the demands of the employees and corporate staff. Apart from ensuring highest quality foods with high hygienic score, we also ensure delivering the food at time and without slightest delay in delivery.


What We Promise To Deliver To Your Employees ?

  • Restaurant-quality food prepared onsite daily by professional chefs
  • Creative menu choices that please different tastes, appetites and preferences for convenience
  • Meals with fresh, flavorful ingredients from trusted local and national suppliers
  • Impeccable Service